Chibi Ichigo

Belgian based Sabina Nurijeva aka Chibi Ichigo displays her roots, fluently mixing Russian lyrics with Dutch and English. Charlie magazine declared her one of its favourite female rappers and Chase adores her latest EP.

CHIBI ICHIGO aka Sabina Nurijeva has just turned 22, but can already be considered one of the emerging female talents in Belgian hip-hop. Chibi loves experimenting with language, rap, singing and beats that hover between her Russian roots and a small Belgian town background. A mix of Russian and Dutch, with a Japanese artist name (Chibi = small / Ichigo = strawberry). An act without (linguistic) borders or image.

One of her ongoing projects is the creation of a whole new universe, called Chibumiverse. For this she has collaborated with producer UM! The Chibumiverse project is characterized by an eclectic mix of influences ranging from club culture to hip hop. The single ‘Onschuldig’ gave us a first look into their universe.

It got her nominated for the Red Bull Elektropedia Awards 2020 in the categories Best EP and Best Song.

Her upcoming 6 song EP will be released in April 2021.