High Hi

With a dark energetic vibe that resembles a honeymoon of 80’s indie and 90’s shoegaze, this powertrio produces a sound that is hard to pin down to one scene or genre.

Previously described as “a three-piece of real substance and scope”, they swear by thunderous guitars, machine gun snare sound and powerful harmonies. Imagine wet saturated deserts in black and white.

With dark energetic sounds that could very well be the product of a honeymoon night of 80’s indie pop and 90’s shoegaze rock, this power trio from Antwerp has been getting a lot of attention recently. And not just in Belgium. Listen to High Hi’s 2020 breakthrough album Firepool, captured by Daan Schepers (Warhola, Bazart, Eefje de Visser), and imagine rain in the desert filmed in black and white.