The Murenzi brothers have definitely made a name for themselves in 2020, in spite of everything that has been going on around them.

YellowStraps was created by two Belgian self-taught brothers (Alban & Yvan Murenzi) drawing influences from their travels early on. Born in Rwanda, raised in Uganda, and living in the melting pot that is Brussels, ever since.

They have always been busy conjuring up a very particular sound mixing many styles like Jazz, Soul, Hip-hop & electronic music.

From playing MaMA, The Great Escape’s First Fifty, Les Bars En Trans, Le Printemps de Bourges to headlining their first European tour, the YellowStraps from Belgium project a shimmering global sound with a unique blend of soul, jazz, electronic music and hip hop.

They released their ‘Yellockdown’-Project on October 2020 through their own label Haliblue Records. ‘Yellockdown’ is a mixtape album that came about during the recent lockdown.